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Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2006 2:34 pm
by gmyers
In the course of upgrading to 3.5, I am try to identify DLLs that we do not use. We call functions exported from pxclib30.dll and xcpro35.dll, and I have determined which dlls those need (dscrt30.dll, ixclib30.dll, pxclib30.dll, and xccdx30.dll) by trying to start the application. We do not call any of the functions exported from netlib30.dll, xcloc30.dll, or xcscan30.dll so I have eliminated those. We do not use the ActiveX interface, so I have eliminated pxc30com.dll.

This leaves me with fm30base.dll, fm30tiff.dll, and fm30xmf.dll. Brief testing shows that the app works without these files in place, but I hesitate to remove them without knowing what they do. From other forum posts, it appears that they are involved in image processing, but I was hoping to find out a little more.

Specifically, which APIs in pxclib30.dll and xcpro35.dll can potentially fail if these dlls are not available? We don't do any direct image manipulation, and we primarily use PXC_GetContentDC to generate pages since we use a number of third-party components that want a windows DC to print to. We use also PXCp_InsertPagesTo to merge in PDF content from outside our system (created by almost anything).


Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2006 11:20 am
by John - Tracker Supp
Along with pxclib30.dll and xcpro35.dll - you will also need pdfstr35.dll for sure.

The 3 files :


Relate to image conversion/extraction and support specific formats - if utilising any image based functions you will require fm30base.dll and possibly the others - more detail on the purpose of each dll and its properties is available in the help file PDFLib30Help.chm under the Topic 'Redistribution ...'