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PDF-XChange & Tools V3 FAQ's

Post by John - Tracker Supp » Sat Nov 13, 2004 11:21 am

Question 1
I have just purchased and my serial number does not remove the demo watermark/stamp from my PDF files ?
Possible Causes and corrections:

Ensure you have copy/pasted your serial number and not typed when entering as requested by the installer - this ensures no typing mistakes

Ensure you have downloaded the correct installation file - a common cause of this is that you may have trialed PDF-XChange PRO but decided to purchase either PDF-XChange 'Lite' 'Standard' or PDF-Tools.
Go to the trials/download page and download the correct evaluation and re-install.

Always Copy/paste - dont type - the serial number from your email receipt and ensure that there are no leading 'spaces' at the beginning of the serial number !

You cannot remove the demo stamp from PDF files created prior to licensing - only new PDF files created will have no demo stamp !

Question 1
I purchased and still PDF-Tools has a demo stamp/watermark on the PDF's I create?
Possible Causes and corrections:

Most users download and trial our full PDF-XChange 'PRO' product which includes all the utilities we offer for PDF file creation and manipulation.
However, if they then decide to buy the less expensive PDF-XChange 'Standard' or 'Lite' versions - these do not include licensing for PDF-Tools and the 'Lite' version includes only the Print to PDF option, not the MS Office integration or the OFFice2PDF batch converter.

If you are 100% sure that you purchased PDF-XChange 'PRO' - then please email upgrades@tracker-software.com with your purchase information and we will investigate.

Question 4
I have tried to create a PDF and cannot - the only application I can find in the installation folder is PDFSaver3.exe?
Possible Causes and Corrections:
PDF-XChange is a virtual printer driver and not an application. When you print the document you wish to convert to PDF to the PDF-XChange printer instead of output to paper the file is captured and a PDF file is generated.

If you have purchased the standard or PRO versions you can also create a PDF file in MS Office by using the PDF-XChange Icons installed on the toolbar - provided you installed the MS Office Addin and also use the OFFice2PDF application to 'batch' convert multiple MS Office & HTML file compatible formats in one action - you can also set up a 'watched' folder to perform this action automatically when ever a file is saved to this location. PDF-Tools is also included if you purchase the 'PRO' version.

Question 5
I have downloaded the latest version but I see no MS Office Toolbar buttons or MS Office integration?
Possible Causes and corrections:
Did you select this as an installation option?
Make sure you have the latest version from our site - not a download site and also try uninstalling any previous version installed first and rebooting your PC prior to installation.
PDF-XChange 'Lite' does not include this functionality

Question 6
How do I embed a URL link into text in my document, for example I want my users to be able to click on a link that's says 'Click Here' and then go to a specific web page?
Possible Causes and corrections:
If you are printing directly to the PDF-XChange driver this is not possible - when windows passes information to a conventional printer it makes no sense to pass such info (you cannot click on text on a standard sheet of paper) - so no data is received to construct this link - all Print drivers suffer from this - not just PDF-XChange.

There is one exception to this - if you create an MS Office file (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) we have found a means to work around this - but only if you use the MS Office Toolbar Icons we supply via the Office integration option - not if you select 'File->Print' or use the printer Icon standard to your application.

Question 7
I am a system administrator and we need to install PDF-XChange on multiple desktops - is there a convenient way to do this ?
Possible Causes and corrections:
Yes, assuming you are licensed for multiple copies (one license means 1 PC installation) please the 'Silent installation' options in the help file provided - this details how to provide all the default required information and set default parameters for use by all users etc if you wish, you can also create a batch file that will install these.

Question 8
How do I set the compression, paper size and other parameters permanently?
Possible Causes and corrections:
In your application when printing - if you choose your printer and then select to modify any printer settings Windows only allows these changes to be made whilst in that application - for that sesssion - as soon as you close the application all changes are lost - this is the default Windows behaviour.

If you wish to make permanent changes - go to your Printers list in the control Panel - select PDF-XChange, Right click and select Printer preferences - make the required changes and apply - save. These are now permanent until changed again in this manner.

You can also save changes to 'Profiles' and load certain 'Profiles' for certain types of work/job you reguarly perform, please see the Help file provided for fuller detail.

Important: Please note some applciations will ignore certain parameters you set in the printer preferences options and apply those used for the document from which you are converting to PDF.
MS Word is a prime example - no matter what paper size you set in any printer preferences - the paper size you set for you document in MS Word will be used - not the paper size you elect to use as your default printers paper size.

Please View the Help online in PDF-XChange or the PDF manual provided before requesting support - also please view the forums as many additional Questions and Answers are available there for many topics not dealt with here.

Question 9
I cannot register on your new web site to access updates?
Possible Causes and corrections:

Our new web site still requires a little to be completed - one of these last items is the updating of historic serial numbers - this should be completed shortly - in the meantime. For our Adobe PDF products simply download the demo versions from the download pages and using your serial number on installation will make this 'live'

If posting files to this forum - you must archive the files to a ZIP, RAR or 7z file or they will not be uploaded - thank you.

Best regards
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