Why am I still getting evaluation watermarks on my PDF files

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Why am I still getting evaluation watermarks on my PDF files

Post by Tom - Tracker » Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:37 pm

There are a number of possible causes for this - here are the most common:

Question : I purchased the PDF-XChange Viewer PRO - but when I create new PDF files from MS Office and other software I get your evaluation watermarks on every page with a 'click to buy' stamp?

Answer : The PDF-XChange Viewer is not designed to create new PDF files from external document formats such as MS Word or other software - to achieve this you need one of our 'Virtual' Printer Driver based products - such as PDF-XChange Lite, Standard or PRO - please email us to discuss how to best provide you with the correct product.

To verify what product you have actually purchased - here is a brief list of serial number prefixes :

PDF-XChange Viewer PRO S/No's start : PVP20-
PDF-XChange Lite PRO S/No's start : PXL40-
PDF-XChange Standard S/No's start : PXC40-
PDF-XChange PRO S/No's start : PXP40

Question : I purchased the PDF-XChange Viewer PRO - when I use any PRO feature in the Viewer such as move/delete pages - I get evaluation watermarks ...

Answer : The simplest way to correct this is copy your PDF-XChange PRO or Viewer PRO serial number from your receipt (begins with either PXP40- or PVP20-....) ad then open the PDF-XChange Viewer and paste the serial number into the Menu option 'Edit -> Preferences -> Registration ' - as appropriate - never type your serial number - always copy/paste to avoid errors.

If the above does not help - please email support@tracker-software.com with your complete purchase information (name, Receipt number and Serial Number as a minimum) and we will endeavour to assist.