I see the buy stamp at the top of my page.

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Tom - Tracker

I see the buy stamp at the top of my page.

Post by Tom - Tracker » Thu Jun 26, 2008 3:10 pm

I have experienced the following problem(s) with the PDF-XChange Viewer:

I have bought the correct product and registered but I see the stamp ("buy....") on the top op page.
can u help me please?

Please follow exactly the steps listed below.

1; From the Windows control panel - select the option - 'Add/Install Programs' and uninstall all versions of PDF-XChange - then restart your PC

2; Download the appropriate file from, unzip and install this file :


3; As the installer nears the end - you will be asked for your registration and serial number - copy/paste the serial number below into the appropriate registration code entry field:


All should now be well.

NOTE- This post is from 2008 and relates to Version 4 of our products !