rtf to pdf? flattening?

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rtf to pdf? flattening?

Post by bobh » Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:33 pm

We are new to PDF-XChange and are using it in a Clarion environment.
So far in looking through samples and help, we cannot find 2 things that are important to us:
a) rtf-to-pdf / pdf-to-rtf conversion capability
b) pdf 'flattening' functionality

What is the direct ( or perhaps the 'workaround' way ) to do these things using PDF-XChange in hand-coded Clarion procedures?


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Re: rtf to pdf? flattening?

Post by Tracker - Clarion Support » Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:13 am

Hi Bob!

1. Flattening - we can do that by combining our ability to export PDF pages as images (such as BMP), and then create new PDF pages from the now-flattened images. This is done by the "Simple DLL Viewer" library. Please see example program fltpdf20.app to see how this may be done.

2. RTF-to-PDF may be done by populating the RTF CONTROL onto a Clarion Report, and then using the PDF-Tools 4.1 Clarion Report template to print to a PDF. I believe that the PDF-XChange Driver 4.0 may be used as well for indirect conversion of RTF to PDF by calling a program that can print RTF and has a "printto" action that allows Printer selection at runtime (such as MS Word or Wordpad).
Craig Ransom
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