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Clarion 7.3 not linking c70prlb.lib

Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:39 pm

We hae uncovered a potential problem for some of our users in Clarion 7.3. This at least applies to build 7995 and may apply to earlier ones as well.

While compiling and linking an app that uses the PDF-XChange Driver Deployment Templates v4.0, specifically the PDF-XChange Driver Global Extension v4.0, you may encounter an error that c70prlb.lib cannot be linked.

Beginning with Clarion 7.3, SoftVelocity has moved away from using version-specific file names, such as c70prlb.lib. Our templates have been corrected to test the %CWVersion value in the templates and to include Claprlb.lib when Clarion 7.3 is used.

However, in correcting this bug we encountered another bug in Clarion 7.3 itself! Specifically, the CWVersion parameter in the ClarionProperties.xml file is set to 7200, not 7300 as it should be. So our test fails and the wrong file is linked into our code.

From Lee White (Lodestar Systems):

Close C7 and go to your user application data folder and then to
SoftVelocity\Clarion\7.0 and open ClarionProperties.xml. Note: this
folder hierarchy may be hidden depending on your personal options so
you might have to dig to find it.

If you're having a hard time finding this folder you can use your
Start menu and Run %appdata%. Once this has opened you can navigate as

Search for <Properties name="Clarion 7.3.<<your build>>" and then
scroll down to <CWVersion value="" and make sure it's 7300. If it's
not then change it and save the file then restart C7 and see if that

Lee White
Craig Ransom
Tracker Software - Clarion Support

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