Password Protecting a PDF

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Password Protecting a PDF

Post by mrknowles » Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:17 pm

I've been using PDF-Tools for a long time, but never created a PDF with password protection. I need to password protect a paycheck voucher to be emailed to an employee. I have an unprotected PDF sitting on the disk, so I want to make a password protected copy of it. Here is my code:

PDF1 &= NEW(PDFManagerClass)
PDF1.ReadDocument(CLIP(AppDataFolder)&'\ASystems\Voucher #'&CLIP(GLT:CheckNo)&'TEMP'&'.pdf')
!Create a pdf just like it, but with a password.
PDF2 &= NEW(PDFManagerClass)
PDF2.Merge(PDF1, -1, 1, 1)
PDF2.WriteDocument(CLIP(AppDataFolder)&'\ASystems\Voucher #'&CLIP(GLT:CheckNo)&'.pdf')
REMOVE(CLIP(AppDataFolder)&'\ASystems\Voucher #'&CLIP(GLT:CheckNo)&'TEMP'&'.pdf')

When I compile, it creates the new PDF properly, but I can double-click on it in Windows Explorer and it opens without asking for a password. What am I doing wrong?

Mark Knowles

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Re: Password Protecting a PDF

Post by Tracker - Clarion Support » Thu Nov 07, 2013 11:12 pm

Hi Mark!

You only need the PDF1 class instance. Read "Document A.pdf," make changes, and then write to "Document B.pdf" if you want to preserve the original PDF.

You don't need an owner password at all. You can restrict access (such as printing, saving a copy et al.) using only a user password.

If you want to guard against tampering with the contents of the PDF you can also apply a digital signature. After the digisig is aplied, any changing of the PDF contents will invalidate the digisig and you Viewer should report that when it opens the tampered file.
Craig Ransom
Tracker Software - Clarion Support

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