AutoCAD general question / setup problem

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AutoCAD general question / setup problem

Post by ALDEWACS » Mon May 07, 2007 10:52 pm

We are reviewing PDF Xchange 3.0 / printer drivers to create PDF files from AutoCAD files (among many other file types). Would like to implement other features, but this is a show stopper at this point.

After much grinding of teeth and being unable to create a PDF from AutoCAD, (great success with the other types), we think we learned that it fails to work because ShellExecute() is not launching AutoCAD and consequently can't print to the PDF printer driver.

Looks like in Windows Explorer > Tools > click Tools > Folder Options > File Type >Advanced > (select DWG file) > it shows “open” and “print”, but there is no information at all under “print” when clicking the EDIT button. (it fails to open). This messes up ShellExecute(). Not really the fault of PDF Xchange, but we're hung up.

Does anyone have such information for either the “print” or “printto” action word(s), i.e the various settings for paths, DDE messages, application, topic etc... etc and would you be kind enough to share them with a frustrated soul?

Running Win2K pro, Acad R14, also tried Acad 2000.

Much appreciated!

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