Conversion method/accuracy

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Conversion method/accuracy

Post by rshuf » Mon Jul 03, 2006 8:36 pm


I am wondering how reliable the conversion is and what determines its accuracy. I’ve seen a posting on the message board that your drivers are not based on Postscript, but how do you perform the conversion when a file is printed: do you have your own “print” control language? If so, how accurate is it?

If you don’t have your own print control language, how is the conversion done? Is your PCL vector-based or raster-based when converting to TIFF? Is there any image-capture technology used in the conversion?

For example, if I print a .doc file to your virtual printer driver, is some intermediate file created (such as Postscript in case of Adobe Distiller) which would affect the results? Does it matter what the original format is (such as MS Word, Excel, etc) or do you guarantee that the results will look like the original no matter what application does the “printing”? How do the conversion results compare with those of other applications (such as Adobe Acrobat)?

If the results don’t always accurately represent the original then what factors determine those differences (such as some other intermediate file created by third party software, or perhaps some other factors)?

Thank you.

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Post by John - Tracker Supp » Tue Jul 04, 2006 7:13 am

Please see the answer already posted to this question from your other thread : ... php?t=1909

Also please note as a Developer - you would need to post your questions to the developer SDK forums for the specific product in question:
If posting files to this forum - you must archive the files to a ZIP, RAR or 7z file or they will not be uploaded - thank you.

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